The Lead Distribution and Routing is a collection of modules, each with very specific features and functions.  A newly logged lead is either “pushed” to a sales person or “pulled” by a sales person, out of the pool of available leads, if a set of criteria are met.

Lead Distribution and Routing is an easier alternative for identifying the lead distribution method that would best suit your company. If leads get worked on in five minutes, for example, this increases the overall productivity of the company. Using our modules you can either “Push” or “Pull” the available leads and listed below are a few of the programs that your business can use:

Round Robin – Push – This type of lead assignment is one of the most common ways of distributing the available leads to your users. By using Round Robin, leads are routed to the sales agents one at a time according to a number of rules.


Cherry Pick – Pull – The leads that did not go through the Round Robin are all in a pool, from which sales agents can cherry pick the leads they want.


Blind Pull – The leads from the pool accessed through Cherry Pick can also be accessed blindly. An agent will get a new lead from the pool, but he will not see any details about it beforehand.


 Shark Tank Get/ Pick – The leads that have not been worked on in the allocated time are taken back from the sales agents and reintroduced into a pool from which the other agents can grab them. The difference between the pull and pick procedure is that the agent can see the leads that are not worked on and pick one, or the system will allocate one to him randomly or following  a specified algorithm.

A hybrid harmonious system of lead distribution and routing is created by combining all the modules of this process. Leads can be “pushed”, under certain conditions, or “pulled” by sales agents. Some of the most common criteria applied in lead distribution include:

- the maximum number of leads that a sales agent can receive per day

- leads can only be assigned to logged in users (if they have no activity on the Insurance CRM instance, they are logged out)

- the redistribution of leads that agents have not worked on in a predetermined period of time

- the limited assignment of leads according to criteria such as geographical location or qualification, etc.   (custom conditions can be added by further development).

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