Take advantage of the features included in our Insurance CRM module. They are tailored to make the difference between a new lead and a permanent client for your business.

lead user assign
Lead user assignment

Identify each Insurance CRM user. Edit each user to receive certain leads, based on these leads’ origin (site, form).

active users 2Active user setup

In this module the lead administrator can edit the frequency of associating a lead to a user, if leads can be associated to that sales agent, if he can Cherry Pick, Blind Pick or Shark Tank Pull leads from the pools, how many can he pull, how frequently , and how many leads per day can be associated to him. Beside these options, there are a few status fields such as: leads associated today, leads pulled/picked today, last date and time of last pulled lead and if the user is active or not. A User is considered inactive if he does nothing for a period of time since the last action on the Insurance CRM instance, ex: login, update a lead.

Lead-duplicate check

Every new lead that is submitted for distribution and routing in the Insurance CRM instance is subject to a complex algorithm of duplicate check. This algorithm can be customized to the meet every company’s requirements, but also has some default steps. A lead can be checked against the already existing ones by last name and email address, last name and phone number, email and zip code (postal code), last name and zip code etc.

If a lead is found to be a duplicate, it is assigned to the user, sales person, that is assigned to the original lead. The duplicate lead will have the status “re-assigned”, it will be excluded from all push-pull pools and will be also excluded from all the counters.

User access setup

The criteria by which the users can access the Round Robin can be edited, so only certain users have access to it. Leads are assigned to users in equal portions and in circular order, based on their lead source. Users are handled without priority and they must be active on the Insurance CRM instance.

The leads in the Cherry Pick and Blind pools are the ones that have not been assigned by the Round Robin Process. The diligent users can access these leads without restrictions, as a bonus. The difference between the Cherry Pick pool and the Blind Pool is the method through which a lead can be accessed:  it can be pulled (the user can see a list of all leads and can pick one) or pushed (the user will get a lead that no one worked on). The process of assigning a lead from the Blind pool to a user can be done randomly or it can follow some rules (further development required).

The leads in the Shark Tank pools are the ones that have not been worked on by the assigned users during the first couple of minutes since entering the system; the time before adding the lead in the Shark Tank can be edited as needed. It is the same algorithm as the one for leads in the CherryPick/ Blind pool, meaning only certain users can access these leads. There are two methods through which a lead can be accessed:  it can be pulled (the user can see a list of all leads and can pick one) or pushed (the user will get a lead that no one worked on).

procesLead assignment

The previous two modules are part of a complex algorithm of distribution and routing leads when they enter the Insurance CRM instance.

When a new lead is inserted, based on the “Lead User Assignment”, “Active Users” settings, source of the lead, type and geography, it is assigned to the qualified agent.

The first step in assigning a lead to a user is to check the lead for duplicates. If these exist, the lead is saved in the system with a specific status and it’s not inserted in the pools.

Based on the active users, their state and area of expertise, the lead goes further down the line of distribution and routing.

At this point the lead is in the Round Robin process. Here, the lead is auto-assigned to an available user, next in cyclic order but also depending on other criteria.

If the assigned user does not work on the lead for a defined period of time, the lead will be re-assigned.

The re-assignment of a lead can be done in a number of ways. It can be put in the Cherry Pick, Blind Pull and the Shark Tank pools and or it can also be manually assigned by the administrator.

A user can access the Cherry Pick, the Shark Tank and Blind pools if he meets the requirements, if the waiting period between accesses to the pool has expired, if he is qualified and if he did not reach the leads per day limit.



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